Does Credit Matter When Applying for Car Financing?

How do you plan to pay for your next vehicle? It’s a simple question for some and overwhelming for others. But with our seamless financial process, it can be super simple for everyone. There are several benefits to financing with us; whether it’s the knowledge and expertise from our team or our competitive Hyundai finance offers , we’re here to help at Kendall Hyundai .

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Does Credit Matter?

If you are interested in financing one of our new Hyundai vehicles , you can easily do that at our dealership. We start by collecting your basic buying criteria to determine if you are approved and for how much. One of the factors that is considered during this process is your credit score. While buying can certainly be more challenging with poor or no credit, that doesn’t mean you won’t qualify.

There are lots of options for buyers looking to buy with less-than-great credit. The biggest difference you will see is your interest rate. The fee that you pay to your lender will usually be higher if you have a lower credit score. You may also see fewer lenders that are available to work with you. However, our team has worked with many buyers with scores across the board, and we have a team of trusted lenders that have as well.

How We Can Help

Our Hyundai finance specialists are ready to help you find financing for your new or pre-owned Hyundai vehicle. We have so many versatile lenders that are ready to find the most competitive financing options for everyone.

Another way we can help—we’d love to buy your car! Our pre-owned inventory is full of quality pre-owned vehicles that people have traded in for a new Hyundai car or SUV. We can give you an estimate on your trade-in value so you can see how much you’ll have to apply as a down payment. A sizeable down payment can help tremendously for buyers with credit challenges.

Want to learn more? Visit our financial experts at our Miami Hyundai dealership with any questions you may have. We’re committed to doing more than just sell great cars; we also want to provide great service, too!