Hyundai Service Tips: Which Type of Fuel Should I Use?

January 6th, 2021 by

Here at Kendall Hyundai, you won’t only find sleek new Hyundai cars for sale. You can also trust our Hyundai service team to keep your car in great condition by providing quality repairs and routine maintenance.

To further improve your success on the road, our service team at Kendall Hyundai is also here to help you figure out which fuel you should use in your car.  

Regular and Plus

Have you ever noticed the different fuel options available whenever you visit a gas station? Have you ever wondered what these different types of fuel do for your vehicle? The primary distinction between different types of fuel is the octane rating.  

Most vehicles are able to run on 87 octane gasoline, which is typically labeled as “regular” or “regular unleaded” gasoline. Many economy cars take regular gasoline and run efficiently and responsively. If you want a little more pep out of your engine, adding 88 octane gas (often labeled as “plus” at the gas station) will do the trick.   


Other cars will require you to add “premium” gasoline, which is gasoline with a 90 octane rating or higher. While you can put regular, plus, or premium gas in cars that can take regular fuel, it’s important to only refill your tank with premium gas if your owner’s manual says to.  

Engines that require premium fuel, which is typically designed for higher performance, have higher compression ratios. This means that the compression of the engine will cause lower-grade fuels to self-combust rather than ignite by the spark plug. This results in knocking, which can damage your car’s engine and diminish performance.  

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